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Grow your guarantee business with your customers

As a guarantor you will be able to offer your customers the newest technology in trade finance, enabling them access to a complete end-to-end digital guarantee lifecycle. You can create a seamless digital guarantee journey for your customers, simplifying and optimizing the whole process, and offering them a new and fast way to collaborate with you.

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Receive requests for guarantees directly with the ability to return the request so changes can be made.


Issue guarantees, access issued guarantees, manage change requests on the spot and stay informed through notifications.


Deliver the guarantee in real-time to the applicant and beneficiary which allows for full transparency and easy access.

Post-issuance actions

Handle post-issuance requests on issued digital guarantees (including expiring, amendments and releases).


Store & access all your digital guarantees in one place and get full control over the post-issuance process at anytime from anywhere.

Benefits of the Guarantee Vault

Customer experience

Introduce new products and bring your customer the newest technologies in trade finance.

Highest service level

Improve the service level by helping your customers manage their standardized guarantee portfolio digitally.


Provide your customers with insights on the status of their guarantees and receive notifications at every step.

Ease of use

Let your customers manage and control all their guarantees from one place.


Simplify the guarantee process, information availability and elimination of data duplication.


Use the standardized application forms and built in connectivity with all applicants and beneficiaries.

Seamless integration

Integrate with any existing system to create a seamless process of issuances, changes and releases.

Central storage

Store and manage all your incoming guarantees in one global central register.

Cost saving

Elimination of courier fees and reduction of handling fees.


Save time and resources through digitization efficiencies and elimination of manual handling.

Effort minimization

Reduce reconciliation effort between all parties with digital guarantees significantly.

Faster processing

Optimize processing time through the end-to-end digital lifecycle of guarantees.

Features of the Guarantee Vault

API Connectivity

API connectivity allows you to directly connect your back office system with the Guarantee Vault meaning you can access and manage digital guarantees without changing your current workflows.

Alerts and notifications

Receive real-time alerts and notifications when guarantees are requested or post-issuance requests are made.

Unregistered Beneficiary

Deliver the digitally issued guarantee to every beneficiary, regardless of whether the beneficiary is registered on the Guarantee Vault or not. Delivery is done through e-mail or if required paper-based.

Compliant storage

The Guarantee Vault undertakes the safekeeping and administration of records for a period of 10 years after closing the guarantee.

All types of guarantees

Handle all types of guarantees including Bank Guarantees, Corporate Guarantees, Surety Bonds Corporate Sureties, Comfort Letters & Standby Letters of Credit.

developed with:

“Running a paper based manual guarantee process has always been a challenge, even more so in this Covid-19 environment. We believe that digital guarantees are the solution, they increase transparency, create efficiencies and minimize risk.

The innovation that Guarantee Vault brings will benefit all parties including applicants, guarantors and beneficiaries”

Oliver Jacobs

Head of Bond Production

“It has been a great experience working with both corporate and financial stakeholders on the digitization of guarantees.

Through Guarantee Vault we now have the possibility to offer all our customers the issuance, safe keeping and administration of digital guarantees in a secure and central place.

For the first time, the complete end-to-end digitization of the entire guarantee transaction is possible, from applicant and issuer right through to beneficiary.

We look forward to go-live and future developments.”

Brigitte Schmidt

Head of Guarantees

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