Ludger Janßen

Co-CEO Responsible for Sales & Business Operations 

As Co-CEO of DVS, Ludger Janßen is responsible for leading the Sales and Business Operations division of DVS. Under his supervision, the company’s sales, product & API, legal and customer success teams work together to drive growth and success.

Since joining DVS in 2020, Ludger has advanced the company’s efforts to digitize trade finance. With a focus on providing digital solutions for corporates and financial institutions, his teams are dedicated to forming a centralized ecosystem in the trade finance industry.

With over 25 years of experience in various banking roles, Ludger brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. He has a broad background in international banking environments, particularly in the areas of trade finance, receivables and export finance.

Prior to joining DVS, Ludger held various senior leadership positions at a major German bank, where he honed his skills in driving business growth and success.

Jaime Gimeno

Co-CEO Responsible for Technology & IT Operations  

Jaime Gimeno serves as Co-CEO responsible for Technology and IT Operations at DVS, leading a dedicated team of IT Development and IT Security specialists.

Throughout his tenure at DVS, Jaime has been instrumental in shaping our vision of digitizing trade finance, leveraging the latest technology to create a platform with bank-grade security. Jaime continues to play a critical role in driving our technology strategy and ensuring that Guarantee Vault remains at the forefront of innovation.

Jaime started on the Guarantee Vault project in 2018, with years of experience in senior positions at banks and other FinTechs he continues to use his knowledge to develop the first Central Register in trade finance.

Armin Selthofer

CFO Responsible for Finance & HR 

Armin Selthofer is the Chief Financial Officer at DVS. As CFO, Armin oversees all financial and HR operations, ensuring we have the resources and support needed to achieve our goals.

Armin began his work with DVS in 2021 and has been deeply involved in the company’s operations and process development as well as our expansion into new markets.

Armin has over 15 years of experience building and leading finance teams with a focus on continuous improvement and a passion for driving change in international production and e-commerce companies prior to DVS.

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