API Documentation

Below you will find all technical information required to connect your system to the Guarantee Vault and start working with digital guarantees.

By connecting to the Guarantee Vault API you will directly manage digital guarantees through your system of choice (e.g. your own Trade-Finance system). This significantly reduces the number of errors during manual processes and offers all operations needed to automate the guarantee life-cycle and leverage the cost saving benefits across all your workflows.

The Guarantee Vault Platform applies best practices and standards, such as OpenAPI 3 and oAuth to make your integration secure and easy.

Choose the API for your use-case

For Corporations we offer the Applicant and Beneficiary API and for Financial institutions, such as Banks or Insurance companies, we offer the Guarantor API.


The Applicant API enables companies to send Guarantee Requests to their Guarantors, manage Amendment Requests and handle Notifications for their Guarantees.


The Guarantor API provides operations to issue Guarantees and handle Releases, Amendments, Claims & Notifications for existing Guarantees.


The Beneficiary API provides Beneficiaries the access to issued guarantees, options to release them and view all related notifications.

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