Our Working Group

“Over the last 2 years we have worked closely with 15 corporates, sureties and banks to help make Guarantee Vault a reality. Our shared experiences, collaborative spirit and common vision are at the heart and soul of what Guarantee Vault is.

We proudly see this as a true market initiative, one that solves a wide spread common problem and brings efficiencies to all involved.”

Marisa Schätz

Treasury Manager

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“Running a paper based manual guarantee process has always been a challenge, even more so in this Covid-19 environment. We believe that digital guarantees are the solution, they increase transparency, create efficiencies and minimize risk.

The innovation that Guarantee Vault brings will benefit all parties including applicants, guarantors and beneficiaries”

Oliver Jacobs

Head of Bond Production

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“It has been a great experience working with both corporate and financial stakeholders on the digitization of guarantees.

Through Guarantee Vault we now have the possibility to offer all our customers the issuance, safe keeping and administration of digital guarantees in a secure and central place.

For the first time, the complete end-to-end digitization of the entire guarantee transaction is possible, from applicant and issuer right through to beneficiary.

We look forward to go-live and future developments.”

Brigitte Schmidt

Head of Guarantees

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“Working closely on the Guarantee Vault project with other market participants has been a great experience. For many years the lack of transparency in the Guarantee process today has been an on-going problem for us.

Because of this, managing our portfolio of outstanding guarantees across all our banking and surety partners has been a significant challenge.

Through the added transparency it brings, Guarantee Vault gives us oversight at source which solves the problem.”

Nicole Kerndler

Deputy Head of Bank Guarantee Management

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“Guarantee Vault’s digital guarantee solution enables a true end-to-end digitization of the guarantee life-cycle.

The solution allows us to expand our service offering to clients, helping them better manage their business, reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce risk.

We are proud to be part of this true market initiative and look forward to the exciting journey ahead.”

Susanne Offermann-Tesch

Country Manager Bonding Germany

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“We’re proud to offer our customers fully digital guarantees with Guarantee Vault.

Transparency, faster processing times, cost savings and less paper are only some of the advantages Guarantee Vault brings to our customers as well as ourselves.

We enjoyed working with DVS’ professional team, the entire onboarding process was very smooth and within a few days we were able to use the platform.”

Andreas Wild

Head of Sales Bonding & Single Risk

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