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Easily manage all your guarantees in one centralized place

As applicant you will have control and insight over all your requested and outstanding guarantees. Use the Guarantee Vault to simplify and optimize the end-to-end lifecycle of guarantees and eliminate time consuming activities and unnecessary costs.

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Send your digital guarantee requests directly to the guarantor.


Access issued guarantees directly, manage change requests on the spot and stay informed through notifications.


Deliver the guarantee in real-time to the beneficiary even if they are not registered on the Guarantee Vault.

Post-issuance actions

Make post-issuance requests on your digital guarantees (including amendments and releases).


Store & access all your digital guarantees in one place and get full control over the post-issuance process at anytime from anywhere.

Benefits of the Guarantee Vault

Streamlined processes

Use the standardized application forms and built in connectivity with all guarantors.

Ease of use

Manage all your guarantees from one place and control the end-to-end guarantee lifecycle.


Save time and resources through digitization efficiencies and elimination of manual handling.


Always know the status of your guarantees and receive notifications at every step.

Effort minimization

Reduce significantly reconciliation effort between all parties with digital guarantees.

Faster processing

Reduce processing time significantly through the end-to-end lifecycle of guarantees.

Cost saving

Elimination of courier & commission fees.

Central storage

All digital guarantees in one place. Store and manage all your digital guarantees in one central register.

Compliant guarantees

Digital guarantees are compliant with legal, audit, and regulatory frameworks, as long as they comply with the formal requirements of the respective jurisdiction.

Secure guarantees

Guarantee Vault meets the most stringent EU and global security standards, and uses the strongest data encryption technologies available.

Risk reduction

Eliminate the risk of duplicate, misplaced, damaged and lost guarantees.

High resistance

State of the art infrastructure protects the digital guarantees against forgery and fraud.

Features of the Guarantee Vault

Corporate guarantees

Request and issue corporate guarantees through the same standardized forms. You can cover and manage your entire guarantee portfolio on the Guarantee Vault.

Unregistered Beneficiary

Deliver the digitally issued guarantee to every beneficiary, regardless of whether the beneficiary is registered on the Guarantee Vault or not. Delivery is done through email or if required paper-based.

All types of guarantees

Handle all types of guarantees including Bank Guarantees, Corporate Guarantees, Surety Bonds Corporate Sureties, Comfort Letters & Standby Letters of Credit.

Alerts and notifications

Receive real-time alerts and notifications when guarantees are issued or post-issuance requests are approved.

Compliant storage

The Guarantee Vault undertakes the safekeeping and administration of records for a period of 10 years after closing the guarantee.

API Connectivity

API connectivity allows you to directly connect your back office system with the Guarantee Vault meaning you can access and manage digital guarantees without changing your current workflows.

developed with:

“Over the last 2 years we have worked closely with 15 corporates, sureties and banks to help make Guarantee Vault a reality. Our shared experiences, collaborative spirit and common vision are at the heart and soul of what Guarantee Vault is.

We proudly see this as a true market initiative, one that solves a wide spread common problem and brings efficiencies to all involved.”

Marisa Schätz

Treasury Manager

“Working closely on the Guarantee Vault project with other market participants has been a great experience. For many years the lack of transparency in the Guarantee process today has been an on-going problem for us.

Because of this, managing our portfolio of outstanding guarantees across all our banking and surety partners has been a significant challenge.

Through the added transparency it brings, Guarantee Vault gives us oversight at source which solves the problem.”

Nicole Kerndler

Deputy Head of Bank Guarantee Management

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