Welcome to our new Managing Directors

As Guarantee Vault continues to experience strong growth, we too find ourselves expanding and have grown our leadership team.

We‘re pleased to announce that Jaime Gimeno and Armin Selthofer will join Ludger Janßen in our company goals and vision of a digital trade finance future.

Jaime has over 15 years experience in both banking and fintech environments successfully delivering software and played an integral part in the development of the Guarantee Vault platform. Over the last two and a half years, Jaime has been committed to growing DVS and has helped establish what is now a fast growing business. His exceptional leadership, growth mindset, knowledge and fearlessness set an indispensable example for our ever-growing team and his promotion is well deserved. He joins the management as Managing Director of Technology & Product.

“I am honoured to accept this position and thank the DVS shareholders for their trust and faith in me, I very much look forward to the challenge and responsibility the role represents.

We have assembled a fantastic group of people right across both IT and business operations who have already delivered so much in such a short space of time. On the IT side we have some exciting milestones fast approaching with ISO 27001 certification expected in Q4 along with some key strategic product deliverables including indirect guarantee application and our Certificate of Authenticity on digital guarantees. In addition we have a number of API integrations in the works with platforms, guarantors and corporates which we expect to go live also in Q4.

I look forward to working with Ludger, Armin and all our DVS colleagues in continuing the successes so far achieved in bringing value to all our future and existing customers and partners.”

Jaime Gimeno

MD – Technology & Product

Armin Selthofer succeeds Sven Matzelsberger as Managing Director of Finance & HR, who will continue to support the company as a member of the advisory board. Armin is responsible for all financial activities and all HR related topics at DVS. He brings with him more than 15 years of experience in managerial finance and has contributed to the success of many companies. Welcome Armin, we’re happy to have you on board and know that you will perfectly integrate into our team. With your enthusiasm and drive for digitization we are confident that you will promote further growth of DVS.

“At first I’d like to thank the shareholders of DVS for their trust and for offering me this exciting and challenging role! I am very happy to accept this responsibility and look forward to develop the company together with our great team! Many thanks also to Sven for his great contribution so far – I am happy you stay close to DVS!

There is a strong demand from the market for digitizing the issuance and safekeeping of guarantees along the entire lifecycle. Our Guarantee Vault is not only the logical answer to this demand – the Vault has been designed according to an industry experts’ working group and was developed by a team of IT specialists. Since its foundation DVS was able to onboard a team of business and IT experts, each of them with relevant experience and highly motivated. I feel it’s in the DNA of the company to do the right things in the right way!

I am very grateful for your warm welcome and I look forward to working with Ludger, Jaime and the entire DVS team to the benefit of all stakeholders!”

Armin Selthofer

MD – Finance & HR

“I am delighted that Jaime and Armin are joining the management team with immediate effect. Together with our team of outstanding young talents and experts with many years of expertise in all areas of IT, trade finance and industry, I’m convinced to make the digitisation of guarantees a big success.”

Ludger Janßen

MD – Sales, Legal, Business Analysis & Customer Success

We’re looking forward to new adventures, to growing and supporting each other and many successful years ahead!